The “Hairy Maclary” series by Linley Dodd

A wonderful series about a little black dog called Hairy Mclary who goes on adventures in his neighbourhood, on his own or with his gang of dog friends,  Bottomley Spots, Muffin MacLay, Bitzer Maloney & co. (see picture below).

Lynley Dodd narrates these adventures in rhymes, with a very humorous tone, playing with the legendary rivalry between cats and dogs.

As a mom and language lover,  I absolutely love the smart use of the English language and rhymes; the result is simply beautiful and melodious.  Not only does my little one develop her own vocabulary but so do I, thanks to the author’s rich writing-style.

The illustrations are fine, sleek and colourful; very appealing to children.

This series has been a huge hit with my daughter aged almost 3.  She loves saying the rhymes as I read the story, most particularly the names and descriptions of the dogs that are pretty hilarious (“Bottomley pots covered in spots, Muffin MacLay like a bundle of hay…”). We now have two books from this collection and my daughter adores them.  After every story, she studies with interest the back cover featuring all the other titles from the collection, and asks for me to purchase another one! More titles from this series are already in my online purchase basket, ready for my next book spree. 😉

Definitely a lovely series of books to have on your bookshelves for little ones age 2 to 6.

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This book can be purchased from Amazon and BookDepository.

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