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This section of the blog focuses on giving tips and ideas about captive reading, culture, education, games, homemade resources, the ml@home and parents.  You will find different suggestions to explore and maybe adapt to your own circumstances.  Please feel free to share you own tips in the comments!  Though this blog is very ml@home orientated because of my personal experience, there are a lot of ideas that can be used or adapted to OPOL families.  And when the Majority Language (ML) parent is out, nothing stops you minority language (ml) parent from turning your house into a ml home whilst alone with the kids! 😉

Why is it important to create an ml@home environment?

The more your home can sound like you lived in your minority language country, the more it will influence the use of this ml by the family members at home.  Hearing one language can influence an individual’s choice to use it, and can hence influence our children in using it too. It has the effect of “de-emphasising” the ML in your child’s mind. The more the child hears the Majority Language and the less s/he hears the minority language, the less s/he feels the need to use the latter and the less exposure s/he gets to it too. These are the 2 fundamentals of bilingual education according to “Maximize your child’s bilingual Ability” by Adam Beck.

Making the best use of all the technologies and media resources that surround us nowadays can be of great help in achieving a feeling of a minority language home.  However, do bear in mind the importance of setting the example in front of your kids.  For a “ml home”, it is not just the kids’ media that should be switched to the minority language. We have to change our personal habits, as parents.  The ml@home is a family lifestyle and long-term commitment.