Education Tip – Singing on the school-run

In this hectic crazy life we lead, we often feel like we lack the time to do important things such as spending more time with our children to expose them to the minority language (ml).

We underestimate the importance of short time spans in our daily life, such as the school-run.

If you take your child to school and home again at the end of the day, consider using this time to sing nursery rhymes. Young children love them, they make the school run more entertaining but also provides you with the opportunity to ingrain the songs’ vocabulary, idioms and ml sentence structures in their mind. It might not seem like a lot, but every little helps on this long bilingual journey.  

Personally, I have done that throughout my eldest daughter’s nursery years and it proved to be a huge success as she is a right little song-bird. We now try to instill this with my youngest on the way to the childminder’s. It took some time to get her to participate in the singing, as she’s not as much of a singer. However, we are slowly getting there.  And as with this bilingual journey, it is a matter or perseverance.


  • Learn as many nursery rhymes as possible to avoid getting too bored of singing the same ones every day.
  • In the beginning, children that are less into singing might not participate. This is all right, you just set the example singing away, occasionally trying to get them to participate by leaving a blank in the chorus and signalling them to join in. If your child does not, just keep going with the song, s/he will join in another day.
  • Ask your child what s/he wants to hear, to tempt him/her to join in.

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