Captive Reading Ideas – Early Reader Stories

My daughter having started with early reader books, I thought she could now handle longer texts of captive reading, but I did not know where to find simple texts that would grab her attention and suit her reading level.

Last week, a bilingual mum gave me the idea indirectly. She told me that for her 8-year-old, she got the texts from the internet. Thinking a little bit more about it, I remembered the website, which is the publishing house for my daughter’s early reader books. When you have an account (free) on their website, you have access to some free e-books. Though my daughter likes the originality of reading on the computer and playing the associated games, we often lack the time and opportunity to use these online resources. So I decided to copy the texts into a word document.

I presented it using a large print, very spaced out between the lines. To limit the distraction, I only put the header in colour, and a tiny image from the book, so as to make the appearance less “dry” and more appealing to her curiosity. So far, she has read the first 5 pages long story on her own. I take this as a success! 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 10.12.54
Oxford Owl’s “The Frog Prince”

Where to get ideas from:

  1. E-books.
  2. Story websites.
  3. Education websites (,, …)
  4. Write your own stories inspiring yourself from your child’s early reader books, using these characters they are familiar with and might have grown fond of.

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