Game Ideas: Rose-Rose-Thorn-Bud

At the beginning of the year, a fellow bilingual mum shared with me a gratitude game that has been a total hit with my daughters and which we play almost every evening over dinner.

Number of players: 2+

Skills: speech, emotions, reflection, taking turns to speak.

Game play:

Taking turns, each player will say what their 2 roses, thorn and bud are. Knowing that :

  • Rose is the best thing that happened to the player during that day and for which they are grateful.
  • Rose is the second best thing they are grateful for.
  • Thorn is something the player disliked or found difficult to do during the day.
  • Bud is something the player looks forward to in the near future.

This is a wonderfully entertaining game to play over dinner to foster family discussions and engage your child in the minority language.

As this mum rightly commented, it is traditionally difficult to find out about your child’s day.  But through this simple game, it suddenly becomes all so easy!  My daughters love it so much they regularly want to share up to 3 or 4 roses!


  1. So as to make the discussion more dynamic and turns shorter, alternate players for each element: go through everyone’s first rose before moving on to everyone’s second rose, etc…
  2. My lovely blogging sidekick Raquel suggested adding a failure to the adult’s thorn.  Children often place us on a pedestal, mistakenly believing we always manage to do what we engage in.  Sharing our failures can help the child accept failure as being part of life and learning process.  Personally, I have not tried it just yet but am planning to.

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