Links of Interest – “El dilema de la r” by Red de Apoyo Crianza Bilingüe

For those of you who are not on Instagram, you are losing out on a wonderfully active and supportive bilingual parenting community.

I was not on Instagram until almost 2 years ago and only got there myself at the insistence of my bilingual blogger mum sidekick, Raquel at SpanglishEasy; and to tell you the truth: I never looked back on it!  You get to make contact with fellow parents raising bilingual but also an awful lot of inspiration, resources and information.

Some Spanish-speaking members of this bilingual parenting community even decided to work together as part of a network of support to bilingual education, known as Red de Apoyo Crianza Bilingüe.  They are 6 mums from a variety of Hispanic countries raising bilingual and advocating bilingualism from their own experience but also as professionals: speech language therapist, child psychologist, parenting expert, journalist and linguist.

Two weeks ago, this network shared a very interesting and helpful video on their Instagram TV and YouTube channel about a topic that preoccupies many parents raising their child(ren) bilingual in Spanish: the pronunciation of the R sound.

This video is an interview of speech language therapist and mum raising trilingual, Estela Bayarri by journalist Ana Calabrese.  The interview lasts 34 minutes and explains the speech developmental stages in Spanish-speaking children, mentions the red flags and helps demystify a topic that concerns many parents.

To view the full interview (in Spanish), visit “El dilema de la r” by Red de Apoyo Crianza Bilingüe on YouTube. 

Our family experienced this concern with our eldest, and this is why today I wish to share this ever so helpful information.  To help rest other parents’ hearts at rest on this ever returning topic.

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