Where to Find the Worksheets we Use

If you follow this blog on Instagram and Facebook, you might have been able to see the kind of worksheets we use as part of our regular minority language (ml) activities.  Very often, I am being asked where I found such or such worksheets. And to be honest, half of the time I forget because I downloaded and printed them a while back since I save anything I foresee as useful with my girls’ education.

So I thought it might be helpful to you if I had the link to these pages accessible for you to click on.  Hence, I have decided to add a board to Our ml Home’s Pinterest account where you can find “Worksheets & Resources used for our ml activities”.  

This idea being very recent, I am afraid all the worksheets and resources we have used for the past 5 years or so are not there, but I will try to add as much as possible over time. 

Please also make sure to visit the websites to which my pins link to.  There might be a lot more interesting resources for you that I might not have seen or considered adequate for us, that might work great for you. 🙂

I have also pinned other kinds of resources that we might have used for ml activities, such as videos to explain certain concepts to my girls.

So if English or Spanish is your minority language and you are looking for some worksheets, have a look around my “Worksheets & Resources Used for our ml Activities” board on my Pinterest account.


  1. Amy, eres una persona increíble, no sólo con el esfuerzo que haces con tus hijas, sino con todas las demás, siempre compartiendo todo lo que usas, me parece una idea genial. Estoy utilizando muchos de los recursos que compartes y me encantan!!!! Gracias

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