8 High Frequency Words Games

Some languages like English (and probably many other languages) have high frequency/sight words that need to be learnt for the reading to flow.  To help you, here are 8 game suggestions to make your child’s learning process more fun:

  1. Sight Word Swat! – recommended to me by the lovely Beatriz (see the importance of having a bilingual parenting network! 😉 ), this is a great fun game that guarantees you a lot of giggles and learning. My tip: in the beginning select a limited amount of word cards so your child does not feel overwhelmed, even review them with your child beforehand.  If you do not wish to purchase, make your own sight word flashcards and use a swat to swat them. 🙂
  2. Memory Game – create your own memory game by writing a selection of high frequency words on colourful cards (make sure to do it twice to have a pair of each word), and playing memory.  
  3. Treasure Hunt – write a selection of high frequency words on little cards (or use your flashcards) and hide them around the room. Ask your child to hunt them. They must say each word they find
  4. Race – I did this with my little one’s reading cards and first high frequency word cards.  However, you can focus on just high frequency words if you want to. Lay the cards on the floor to create a sort of racing track they have to follow. They must say every word to reach the finishing line but be careful: one mistake and they must start again from the top! 
  5. Speed Quiz – Both my girls enjoy(ed) this one. I have a stack of homemade high frequency word cards and they have to read them as fast as they can. If they misread, make a funny buzzing sound as if they were on a television show or find some noisy toy you can use for this purpose. If they don’t remember the word, they can pass and you revert to it at the end.  For a little more challenge, you can also offer to beat the timer; e.g: set 1 minute on your tablet’s timer and see if your child can read all their  cards in that time (adjust the time to the number of cards) or the opposite by seeing how fast they can read their cards and beat their own time record.
  6. Board game – The other day, my youngest’s activity book included a little board game that involves reading words and writing them. This gave me the idea to adapt it to high frequency words by designing my own board game where on every square we land on, we have to read the high frequency word, and we can earn an extra point by spelling it right. For instructions as to designing it, please read my post: “Homemade Resources – High Frequency Words Board Game
  7. Santa’s Sight Word Cookies – If it is the Christmas season and you wish for a themed sight words activity, have a look at this very cute Santa shaped box with sight word cookies I came across on Fun Phonic’s Instagram account. 
  8. Teach your Monster to Read – If English, is your minority language this phonics game includes high frequency words.  It is a wonderful game which I have reviewed in this post.  The game is free all year round on the website, and the app is currently free worldwide owing to the current lockdown in the UK.
High frequency words race – unlike my youngest did in this picture, do keep the race track short to ensure your child does not get tired or disheartened! 😉

If you’re in need of more inspiration, I strongly suggest you surf Instagram as there are A LOT of homeschooling accounts that have a huge amount of inspirational posts. This is where I often get my ideas from. 😉

If you have any additional high frequency/sight words game suggestions, feel free to share them using the Comment box.

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