Books in Spanish – “Anna Kadabra: El club de la luna llena” by Pedro Mañas & David Sierra Listón

As mentioned in my post on Blogs I Follow: Pekeleke, I follow this great blog dedicated to children’s books in Spanish. In order not to miss out on anything, I actually follow its Instagram account.  And early last September, its blogger shared about a wonderful novel: “Anna Kadabra: El club de la luna llena”.  The beautiful cover illustration caught my attention and the story line seemed likely to catch my eldest’s interest.  The blogger’s 8-year old son (like my daughter) was apparently hooked on the book, so I decided to get this first book in the series.

Anna Kedabra is a little girl who moves to a new town, Moonville.  Anna is unhappy about the move to that remote place that is filled with mysteries.  She soon discovers that she is a little witch, but so are her teacher and some of her classmates!  She gets to learn magic and this gives rise to funny adventures…

Pedro Mañas narrates the story with a lot of humour, a lovely use of the Spanish language just adequate for my eldest’s age.

The illustrations are simply stunning.  I have fallen head over heels in love with David Sierra Listón’s art, and now even follow his Instagram account just to enjoy the sight of his beautiful drawings.  They have an incredibly modern feel to it and are so brightly coloured.  He has a remarkable style that you can really recognise from one book to another.

My eldest LOVED it. So much so we actually got the following 2 books in the series!!  She devoured each and every one of them and she came and found me last Friday night asking me for the fourth book in the series that came out last October 6th  (the advantage of following Pekeleke’s Instagram account is that I am up to speed with all these little important details 😉 ) and has been pestering me ever since!  My eldest is at a stage where she loves the wizarding world.  I guess she also identifies as the heroine is probably her age.  When asked, she says she enjoyed the sense of humour, the fact she did not struggle reading it and that the story was not too long. 

As a mum, I loved the illustrations and the language level that matched perfectly my eldest’s level.  This allows a smoother read for her, and at this stage I really want her to enjoy reading to strengthen her love for them.  They help her to learn not to fear chapter books and that she is able to read these too.  The fact she pesters me for the fourth book is a good sign.  As Adam Beck says in his book, you have to find your child’s home run book to get them reading, and the Anna Kadabra series definitely is my eldest’s home run book.

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This book is available on Amazon


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