Food for Thought – The Majority Language is like an Invasive Plant

Bilingual education is a constant balancing act between the Majority Language (ML) and minority language (ml).

We do not want to exclude the ML, of course, it is part of our daily life in the ML country.  But we sometimes need to keep it in check so that the dominant ML environment does not overtake the little ml input we have to the point of outshining it.

This thought, and my belief that a language is like a plant, have led me to the conclusion that in bilingual education, the Majority Language behaves like an invasive plant that stifles the more delicate plants.  It will take regular trimming to keep it in check, so as to leave  enough space for the minority language to grow and bloom.

How much trimming is left to your hands, to be determined based on your personal circumstances and their evolution over time… 😉

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