Blogs I Follow: Pekeleke

If Spanish is your minority language (ml), you might be interested in this Spanish children’s books blog I follow. is the blog of a book-loving family of 5, that reviews the family’s children’s books they have read but also include some posts on the topic of reading.

The blog is very well structured with 4 boards:

  1. Children’s Books
  2. By Age
  3. Compilations
  4. Blog

The Children’s Books board is subdivided into 6 categories that help you pinpoint the category you are after.

The By Age board is simply perfect with 6 different age-ranges: 0-3, 3-6, over 6, over 8, over 10 and over 12, which allow to narrow down the reviews to the books that match the age of your kids.

The Compilation board is where the blogger will recommend their top 15 books for each year, or where they will share their selection of favourite books on a set topic, such as pirates.

The Blog thread covers all the blogger’s reviews and posts.   The reviews seem extensive, however they are easily read and include inside pictures of the books.  You can also just follow the Instagram account, which shows the book pictures and provides you with a brief overview of the review. Pekeleke has just launched their 2 eldest children’s own Instagram account where they review their favourite reads, @libliblibros.

What I love best about it:

  • Lots of children’s books by Spanish authors – I try to raise bicultural kids, hence it is key for me to provide my daughters with books by ml writers.
  • One of the blogger’s sons is the same age as my eldest, hence their recommendations can really match my daughter’s interests.
  • A friendly and helpful blogger – I love being able to chat with fellow bloggers on social networks and the blogger behind Pekeleke is very friendly and even helped me find the link to a book I was interested in.  As you might have guessed, I love helpful supportive communities. 😉

Out of the 2 blogs for Spanish children’s books I follow, Pekeleke is definitely my favourite!  If Spanish is your ml, go and have a look for yourself. 😉


  • When choosing your own children’s books blog to follow, you might want to consider the age of the blogger’s children (if they have any) as their recommendations will be based on their reading.
  • If you want recommendations at a glance, Instagram is your best bet. It also has the advantage of automatically coming up in your feed once you follow a bookstagrammer’s account.


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