Our ml home teams up with Spanglish Easy!

As some of you might know from this post, I follow the SpanglishEasy.com blog run by a lovely Spanish bilingual mum, Raquel.  Reciprocally, Raquel follows Our ml Home.

We share the same passion for bilingual education and the spirit of supporting other bilingual parents.  Over the years, Raquel trusted me with a guest post in Spanish for her blog and moderating of one of her Facebook groups

The SpanglishEasy.com website is blooming, offering coaching services on bilingual education, and soon to host podcasts.  To concentrate on these new features, Raquel has done me the huge honour to reach out and request I become a regular contributor to her blog section.

Needless to say I accepted this beautiful new experience to work with a fellow blogger I admire!  I am very excited at this incredible opportunity to write in my langue de coeur, which I do not get much chance to do,  and on top of that to help more bilingual parents.

Rest assured that this new blogging experience will not affect Our ml Home, which remains my official blog, and which I will update on its usual weekly basis, provided I have subject material for a new post. 🙂

If you are a Spanish-speaker and enjoy Our ml Home, this is good news for you as you will get more reading material on bilingual education! Just make sure you follow SpanglishEasy.com so as not to miss these contributions. 😉


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