Game ideas: Memory games

Memory games might not seem like something innovative, but they can be excellent fun whilst getting your kids talking and learning vocabulary.

Age: 3+

Skills: Observation, memory

Number of players: 2-4 (more would be complicated).

Aim: Obtaining a maximum of pairs of cards.

Game play:

  1. Shuffle the deck well.
  2. Lay each card face down on a table (or  flat surface), spacing them out a little.
  3. Each player takes turns to flip 2 cards. If cards are identical, the player keeps them and flips 2 new cards. If cards are different, player puts them back face down, trying to keep in mind what each card hides.
  4. The game ends when no cards are left on the table.


  • Get different kinds of memory games so as to be able to work on a wider range of topics and broaden the vocabulary.
  • If you can get a bilingual set of memory cards such as Lil’ollo’s, it is a nice way to work on both languages and hence enable your child to pick up translations.
  • As you flip cards, make sure each player says aloud the name of the illustration

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