Game idea: I spy with my little eye… (Veo, veo)

“I spy with my little eye” (“Veo, veo” in Spanish) is a classic game that is ideal to get kids speaking and learning vocabulary.  It is also THE game to entertain restless little feet on a car ride.

My eldest (7) loves it and my youngest (3) has recently discovered the joys of this game.  Last weekend, on a teary ride home after dropping off her big sister at their grandma’s, I entertained her with this game. A huge smile lit up her teary face, and her sorrow at losing her “fantastic sister” (in her own words 🙂 ) was immediately forgotten. 

It was amazing to observe the cogs of her intellect at work, and it was a great opportunity to go over certain colours.

Skills: speech, colours, observation, deduction.

Number of players: 2+

Game play:

  1. One player picks without saying it an object to be guessed by the other players.
  2. S/he gives them a lead by saying “I spy with my little eye something [color of object]…”. 
  3. The other players take guesses.  The one who gets it right gets to make the others guess a new object. If no player guessed right and give up, the same player attempts to make the others guess a new item.
  4. The winner is the player with the highest number of correct guesses.


  • To avoid competition, you can skip the counting of right guesses.
  • When playing in the car, unless you have an eagle eye and can observe everything in the blink of an eye (literally), I recommend you stick to guessing items inside the car. 🙂
  • To help expand the kids’ vocabulary, you can go beyond the colour description and add another objective, e.g.: I spy with my little eye something stripy and blue.

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