Resources in English – Online British TV streaming services

One of the admins of the Facebook Group, La Escuela de Spanglish Easy, recently shared a very useful link that could be useful to parents raising their children in English; especially British English.

To immerse her children in English at home, she has subscribed to one of the British television streaming packages offers.  

This website offers 4 packages comprising 116 British TV channels (including CBeebies and BBC group channels, ITV group channels, Channel 4,…) that can be watched online from abroad.  What more, they can be broadcasted on your television using Chromecast, which really creates the impression of being in the UK, especially as you also get to see the adverts!  The difference of pricing between their Bronze, Silver, Gold and Annual offers is a question of screen numbers (like Netflix does) and hours of recording.

The latter is a nice feature which enables you to watch any programme that might be scheduled at an unsuitable time for you.  An interesting feature as you could record children programmes that are screened at an unsuitable time and have your children see them at a more convenient time for your family. 😉

If you are curious, there is a free trial period of a month (no need to commit to subscription or leave your credit card details), which enables you to watch 45 minute a day of a large selection of British channels.  After that, your free account enables you to access a free service of 45 mins a day on a more restricted list of channels, limited to 1 screen, with no HD nor recording option.

So far, I only have the free service. It is a personal choice of ours, as we already have Spanish TV at home and need to balance the Spanish and English language environment.  Hence, for the time being, the free service is enough for us, with the daily 45 mins being just enough to add a touch of English at home in the evening. However, it is clearly a very valuable English resource I keep in a corner of my mind as I do not rule out subscribing to it in the long-run.

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