Minority Language Resources: Unicorn in the Cloud Board Game

This simple little boardgame has been recommended by fellow bilingual mum Marta on her blog (in Spanish). Marta is a wonderful source of boardgame ideas; she was the one who recommended Time’s Up! Kids to me and it has become one of my eldest daughter’s favourite. 🙂

The Unicorn in the Cloud Boardgame also exists in a Dragon version, to suit children’s varying tastes.  It has no text and the instructions booklet comes in several languages (English, Spanish, French, German…), so perfect to satisfy any minority language really!

Skills used: Numeracy, following simple rules such as taking turns

Players: 2-4 (though my eldest sometimes play it on her own).

Age: 3+


  • 2 dice
  • 4 unicorns
  • A double-sided board: one side for the race, one side to help little learners to count their crystals.
  • 60 crystals
  • 1 Game play booklet in several languages.


To move along the rainbow path to reach the other side of the board as fast as possible and get as many crystals as possible in the process so as to win the game.

Game play:

  1. All players select a unicorn and positions it on the dark stormy cloud.
  2. The youngest player starts the game by rolling the blue die to find out how many clouds forwards he or she can move along the cloud path.  If s/he lands on:
    1. cloud with a gift symbol, s/he is to give a crystal to the player of his/her choice,
    2. a pink cloud, s/he must roll the pink die to find out how many crystals s/he gets,
    3. on a cloud with a rainbow leading ahead of the path, this is a shortcut for him/her to move forward.
  3. All players take turns to play.
  4. The player who reaches the last cloud of the tail wins the 4 crystals lying on it.
  5. The player who wins is the one with the most crystals. For the younger players who do not yet count far, you can flip over the board to use a sort of crystal gauge and see which unicorn got the most crystals. It basically consists in 4 rows (1 per unicorn) of clouds on which to place each crystal.  The one with the longest row shows this player has one. A very simple and visual concept for a young child.

I got this game to initiate our little one to the pleasures of boardgames as well as to get her to use her numbers as she already knows how to count beyond 10 in her minority languages.

She is yet to learn to sit still around the game, but she has already taken a liking to the game and has played in tête-à-tête with her sister.  A wonderful way to spend time together and foster sisterly bonds.

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