Captive Reading Ideas: Fun Facts, Jokes, Tongue Twisters and Riddles

The captive reading I had put up in our loos over the last few months had been stories downloaded online or that I had dictated into a Google Doc using my smartphone’s voice input function.

However, I want to broaden my eldest daughter’s horizon… and this goes through diversifying her knowledge and tickling her curiosity.  I thought of copying and pasting from the Internet information on a chosen topic. As I looked up my first choice topic (penguins as they currently are my daughter’s interest), I came across an interesting science website for children.  It is called, and though it is aimed at slightly older kids, I decided to copy and paste some of their fun facts, tongue twisters,  and riddles from their page dedicated to English.

This new captive reading material was an immediate success with my eldest.  So much so she reads through them at the speed of lightning! I struggle to keep up!  I was so surprised that I checked she understood what she read by quizzing her and discussing the captive reading.  It was a very pleasant surprise to see she had understood her reading, and we enjoyed discussing the topics and got the chance to explain some puns she had not caught.

All in all, beneficial for the reading, knowledge but also to get your bilingual monkey talking! 😉

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