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A funny coincidence happened to me last February. I discovered the fantastic Bilingual Babies blog and decided to contact the blogger behind it, Veronika Laughlin, to request a mini-interview for my Mini-Interview series… when she reached out to me to request the same!  

The interview is one of many of bilingual families in Veronika’s “Parents’ Voices” category.  The interviews are conducted orally before being transcribed, which gives them a unique feel of a heart-to-heart conversation on bilingual education.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and “meeting” Veronika via visio-call to discuss this topic that keeps me on my toes. 😉

Should you be interested in reading this interview, visit ““The Spanglish Embassy”: Creating an Immersive Minority Language Environment”.

Thank you very much Veronika for this lovely experience and chat! :)As I mentioned in Veronika’s mini-interview for Our ml Home, her wonderful Bilingual Babies blog is a great read.  It is full of valuable technical information on bilingualism yet synthesised so as to make it accessible to any bilingual parent. Do take the time to browse it and add it to your browser’s Favourites! 😉

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