Game Ideas – Tell Tale of Fairytales

Last Saturday, I rediscovered this game that has mysteriously been gathering dust on a shelf.

Number of players: 2+

Skills: Communication, vocabulary, narration.

Resources: Just the game: a round tin box with a deck of fairytale themed round flashcards.

Aim of the game: Making-up a fairytale on the basis of the cards you are given.

Game play: 2 game plays :

  1. Players alternately imagine a story using 4 random cards each.
  2. Taking turns, players work together to string a story based on one of the 4 cards they have been given.

We use the latter game play.  I purchased this game when my eldest was 4, in an attempt to get her to use her minority languages (ml) in a fun way.  Unfortunately, at the time here communication skills in the ml were too weak. We played again when she was 5 or almost 6 and her skills had strongly developed and we had an amazing time.  Somehow, the game stayed to gather dust on the shelf again until last week when my eldest finally picked it as part of our weekly family board games night. It was lovely to see how her language skills are blooming.  Using classic fairytale idioms, vocabulary she had not used so far, longer sentences than she had done in the last game we played a year ago.  There was a real family complicity and laughters, stringing crazy fairytales. Really enjoyable.

Tip:This game has no text, so it can be used in any language of your choice! 🙂

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