Game Idea: Stop!

This great simple game was suggested to me by Marta as a way to get my eldest daughter writing. We played it for the first time this week and it went well. It clearly tickled my daughter’s interest.

Number of players: 2+

Skills: writing, spelling, vocabulary.

Resources: Pen and paper for each player

Aim of the game: Write as many words as possible in each word category.  All these words must all start with a set letter.

Game play:

  1. On the sheets of paper, each player draws as many columns as categories you want (animals, fruits, colours, countries…)
  2. Each player must find as many word for each category beginning with the choose a letter, e.g. column for fruits beginning with the letter A: Apple.
  3. The first one to complete each column on his/her sheet of paper, shouts “Stop!”.
  4. No points are given for words both players listed. A point is given to each player with a different word.
  5. Repeat with a new letter.
  6. The winner is the player with most points at the end of the game.


  • Definitely a great game to play on trips to entertain kids whilst having them practice their minority language and writing skills.  Cherry on the cake: very little resources to carry about! 😉


  1. We call this “Stadt, Land, Fluss” (town, country, river) in German, and I’ve played this countless times as a kid, for example while waiting for the food at a restaurant! It hadn’t occurred to me to simply change the categories – my daughter doesn’t know enough geography yet to play our traditional version.

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    1. I remember playing it at school but had it not been for Marta I would not have thought of it! We made simple categories for my 6 years old: fruits, vegetables, colours, animals and furniture. Things she can relate to 🙂


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