Education Tip/Game : Learning colours in the minority language

Yesterday, I tried to have a hand-eye coordination game with my youngest daughter that also approved very good to learn colours in the minority language.

Number of players: 1 or 2.

Skills: hand-eye coordination.


  • Several single coloured beads (I chose 6 colours)
  • A dominant bunch of same coloured beads (e.g: white in my picture)
  • 6 matching coloured bowls
  • Tweezers (optional)

Game play:

  1. Do you start with, all the beads must be mixed together in a seventh bowl (its colour does not matter).
  2. I presented the mix to my little one with the six empty bowls and a pair of tweezers. I asked her to use the tweezers to pick the pink beads and place them in the pink bowl, the yellow ones in the yellow bowl, etc… The white beads, which were the majority, were just there to “drown” the other beads and make the task of catching them a little harder.  The white beads were the ones left behind in the seventh bowl.

My little one did not like the tweezers and routed for using her fingers. However, she thoroughly enjoyed the game and played it with her sister and then me. She demonstrated a good knowledge of colors, and giggled and corrected me when I deliberately misplaced beads in the wrong bowl colour.

The next step will be to use differently coloured beads and bowls to work on new colours as I know my little one still mistakes some colours, e.g.: black and brown.

NB: for kids under 3 years old, beads are a choking hazard. Hence, this activity requires adult supervision.


  • for early readers, you can label the bowls with their colour.
  • this activity was inspired from a Sensory Sorting activity on the Busy Toddler Instagram account, which used other bigger and messier (to my liking 🙂 ) resources that can be seen here, should you wish other ideas to play this game.

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