“Tengo un volcán” by Míriam Tirado and Joan Turu

A beautiful and colourful board-book telling the story of a little girl, Alba, who discovers the violent, overwhelming and scary feeling of anger.

A nice use of the Spanish language, with a narration that flows naturally to explain using simple words what goes on when a child flares into a meltdown. It puts a name, “anger”, on the little reader’s familiar feeling. It then goes beyond, by telling them what they can do to handle it, and not feel scared and overwhelmed by this powerful emotion.  The storyline is just the right length to keep the young audience’s full attention.

The very modern and bright illustrations, bring to life the analogy of having an inner volcano that erupts with every tantrum. This very visual description of anger speaks to young children. My youngest, almost 3 years old, enjoys this story and I suspect it is because unconsciously she relates to the main character.

As a mom, I love the simple but effective metaphor. After a recent major meltdown by my little one, I showed her the book and explained how she had felt what Alba experiences in the story; anger. I then showed her the page where Alba blazes flames of rage and “burns” her parents (image used for hurting people by one’s attitude); and explain how I had to got hurt by her tantrum that morning. From the look in her eyes, the penny had dropped and she walked up to me to give me an apologetic hug. The next step, I hope, will be getting my little one to do like Alba, and learn to breathe to bring her rage under control.

A book I strongly recommend to parents of toddlers for its great lesson on anger management, metaphor and smooth narration.

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