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After a lot of thinking, I have finally decided to create an Instagram account for this blog and its French sister blog (Notre maison bilingue).  I am rather camera shy in the sense that I do not like posting lots of personal pictures up on social media, specially when it comes to my girls.  However, I thought this might give a more open feel to my blog about our trilingual lifestyle and raising bilingual. Hiding a little less behind the keyboard. 🙂

So follow “amy_ourmlhome” on Instagram for a few pictures from our trilingual home life, and cross-references to some of my posts. 🙂

New blog posts will also be posted on Instagram, to make the blog even easier to follow.  

Please like the content you enjoy seeing so as to help me identifying the content you like me to post.  And do tag friends who might be interested in my posts. The more we talk about bilingualism, the more we bust all the myths that surround it!

And as bilingual parents, we often feel very isolated, so I hope that this Instagram account will also be the opportunity to discuss and support one another on that rough journey.

 Scan Our ml Home‘s nametag with the Instagram camera to easily follow this blog. 🙂 

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