The best rewards of rearing bilingual

Rearing your child bilingual is a long and painstaking process, with its highs and lows, but also its rewards. What one considers as a reward is always rather subjective, however here are a few that might help you to remember to stay on course if you are currently facing lows, or inspire you if you are currently dreaming about setting up a bilingual family:

  1. Your child spontaneously telling you that s/he loves you in the minority language (ml).
  2. A native ml speaker telling you that your child speaks like any child does in the ml country.
  3. To observe how your child easily switches from one language to another.
  4. Your child using a ml word or idiom that s/he has learnt on his/her own, from another source than you.
  5. To teach your child to read in the ml and see how s/he grows confident and blooms into an independent reader.
  6. To see how your child devours ml books.
  7. To notice how your child hits a conversation with a ml speaker with no apprehension whatsoever.
  8. To obverse your child blooming in his/her 2 cultures.
  9. To hear your child proudly say that s/he speaks the ml.
  10. To obverse the development of the ml in your child.
  11. To see your child playing in the ml with other kids.
  12. When your child is identified by his/her peers (other little ml speakers).
  13. To share your (mother-)tongue and identity with your child.
  14. To observe your child communicate with his/her grandparents in the ml.
  15. To observe your child sharing games and giggles with his/her ml cousins.

How about you, what special moments reward your efforts to raise your child bilingual?  Please share them in the Comment section.


    1. We can tell the experience of a bilingual mum to an older child! I haven’t had that pleasure yet! Definitely an excellent one to add to the list. ;). Goes to show that there are yet more nice things to discover all along the bilingual journey! Cheers Rebecca! 🙂

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      1. Yes, many wonderful experiences. Like when I’ve talked with a friend on the phone in English and afterwards say something to my child in English: “Habla espan~ol Mami”. : )


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