Resources in English: Disney Princesses Read Along Audiobook Boxed Set

A beautifully illustrated audiobook box-set of four famous Disney princesses fairy tales (Tangled, The Little Mermaid, The Beauty & The Beast, and Cinderella).

Clearly articulated word-for-word narration including Disney voices and pictures. The illustrations are classic Disney drawings, which my daughter immediately recognised. The stories really feel like a collection of moments from the actual movies, including snippets of some songs. The English used is clear and understandable.

This purchase was really aimed at my eldest who is in her princess phase. She was delighted and ran to her player to binge read/listen all four stories. She seems to have thoroughly enjoyed them. I found her listening intently, following the jingle on the book (a little bell tinkles when it is time to turn over the page).

When asked how she liked these audiobooks,  my eldest enthusiastically said they were the best ones she had ever had and loved everything about them: the voices, the songs, the little bell to turn the page…

As a mom, I love the articulate word-for-word narration. It also provides her with a chance to read along and pick up the right pronunciation. I also love the strong Disney branding that enables  the child to identify the story from the movie. The series includes many more titles and I will definitely add some more to our audiobook library!

This audiobook box-set is available from Amazon.

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