“The Paper Dolls” by Julia Donaldson & Rebecca Cobb

A feel-good story about childhood and those little things that will stay engraved in your memory as an adult.

In her usual playful writing style, Julia Donaldson tells the fantasy adventures of a little girl’s paper dolls around the house with other toys and objects. As always, she makes a beautiful use of the English language.

The pretty illustrations by Rebecca Cobb give the book a child-like and happy feel.

The pretty illustrations by Rebecca Cobb give the book a child and happy feel.

As a mom, I am in love with Cobb’s colourful, sketchy pictures that bring childhood memories to life. I also adore the nostalgic yet merry feel to the story. When I close the book, I always have that little blue feeling because as an adult, I can totally relate to the nostalgia of childhood memories.

My daughters love the playfulness of the pretty paper dolls, singing their tune with every crazy adventure. They enjoy the dolls’ funny names and descriptions. They also like the beautiful unexpected ending.

A pretty and emotionally smart book to have of the bookshelf.

“The Paper Dolls” is also available in Spanish.

This book can be purchased online from Amazon and BookDepository

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