Links of interest – BookTrust’s Book Finder

For those of you with English as a minority language (ml) and if you lack inspiration when it comes to purchasing ml books, I would like to share a helpful link on the BookTrust website. And if English is not your minority language, it might still be worth a look as so many titles are available in other languages… 😉

BookTrust is the UK’s largest children’s reading charity, dedicated to getting children reading.  On its website BookTrust, it offers a free online tool called “Book Finder” which helps you look up book recommendations based on 2 simple criteria:

  1. Your child’s age range (0-1, 2-3, 3-4, 5-8, 9-12, 12+)
  2. Themes of interest:
    1. Best new books
    2. Action and adventure
    3. Around the world
    4. Chapter books
    5. Classics
    6. Disability
    7. Fairy tale and fantasy
    8. Family and friends
    9. Feelings and wellbeing
    10. Funny
    11. Historical
    12. Looking after our planet
    13. Non-fiction
    14. Poetry and rhyme
    15. Scary
    16. Sport

Book Trust also has a nicely structured Recommendations page with 6 subcategories:

  1. Themed booklist
  2. New books we love this month
  3. Great Books Guide – divided by age-range to enable you to target your child more specifically.
  4. What to read after – A great feature that enables you to look for similar books to a series your child got hooked but already finished.
  5. 100 best books over 100 years – these are divided by age-range to enable you to target your child more specifically.
  6. Our favourite books for 0-5s by age

In the publishing jungle of children’s books, with thousands of books coming out, this tool and recommendations could come in handy to make up your mind on the right purchase to make to hook your little monkey to reading. 🙂


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