3 Tips: How to Nudge a Child into Taking Ownership of a New Habit

Fellow bilingual mum and blogger Rebecca Cuningham recently published a fantastic post entitled “3 Tips: How to Nudge a Child into Taking Ownership of a New Habit”, that contains her very interesting experience and tips to incite a child to develop the habit of using his or her minority language.

Read up this food for thought post in this reblog Rebecca kindly authorised, and visit her blog, https://www.fakeflamenco.com/blog to discover her passion about Spanish, traveling, and raising her daughter bilingual!

Fake Flamenco

Sunday morning we had a watershed event in our kitchen. At breakfast, I spoke to our child in Spanish, as I do each day and received answers in English. I work to counter feeling disheartened when my daily hints to reply in kind rarely work for more than a sentence. Everything was the same until, suddenly that morning in the chair across from me, a realization dawned.

“Mommy, why do you speak better Spanish than me?” At that long-awaited question, I smiled. My gratitude flowed for this new understanding our 10 year old brought to light. Where my direct approach to solicit Spanish had rarely worked, a common goal of speaking well in a Latin American country did.

After the goooooal! dance in my head, I replied in Spanish, “Well, I speak it at least two hours a day. I read and write in it every day… I practice more…

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