Tips for parents – little reading-aloud hack when voiceless

If like me you have very delicate vocal chords that leave you voiceless with the least cold,  you will know the feeling of frustration at being unable to create the ever so important minority language (ml) exposure that your children need on a daily basis.  It gets even more frustrating when your children, request these stories and Daddy is not around to play substitute.

This happened to me recently and an idea just jumped at me: I went and grabbed some of our audiobooks that come with a book.  Normally, my daughters just listen to audiobooks on their own on their music player in their bedroom.  But, here I used the CD as a substitute to my voice, I sat with my daughters, and simply turned the pages, pointing at pictures, to make it feel like I was participating in the reading. 

It’s no genius idea, of course, but sometimes under the pressure of frustration and feeling poorly, we do not think of these simple hacks.

So, if you regularly lose your voice when sick, plan ahead and stack on audiobooks that come packaged as books+CD 🙂



  1. Being barely able to talk from a cold happens to me quite frequently. It is really frustrating when, like you say, you are trying to provide language exposure. I want to reinforce the things he says that I am so proud of him for saying and ask him more questions about them as usual. I recently got some books that come with CDs reading them, and I was thinking how helpful that will be when I can’t talk! If you think of more language-exposure hacks for when throats are soar, let me know!

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    1. When your son will start reading, you’ll be able to communicate using a whiteboard or simply pen and paper. I used to do that with my husband when my voice was too soar and should do that with my eldest now that she reads… will make her use her ml reading skills. 😉


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