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I have recently been very honoured to answer an interview request by Ana Elisa Miranda who runs a very interesting blog on literacy and bilingualism:  Definitely a blog to visit if you are -or intending to- teaching literacy in the minority language to your child!

The interview is one of many of bilingual families in Ana Elisa’s “Interview” thread, and it focuses mainly on our bilingual education approach and how we adjusted it along the way, as well as teaching reading and writing to my eldest daughter.

Should you be interested in reading this interview, visit Adjusting Your Family Strategy

Thank you very much Ana Elisa for this lovely experience, and I hope this interview might help your followers in some way in their bilingual journey. 🙂


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I enjoyed reading your guest post. I hadn’t seen Ana Elisa’s blog before and it looks like a great resource. I have already read a number of her posts this evening!


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