Christmas – 12 ideas of useful bilingual presents

The Christmas season is upon us and you might still be looking for inspiration for your children.  And why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone and make gift that will serve your bilingual education aim?  Here are a few suggestions

  1. Tonie Box – This is a very fun concept of a figurine used as a key to unlock audio files stored on the TonieCloud to play them on a tiny box-shaped speaker.  The speaker downloads the file and will then no longer require the Wi-Fi. Tonies explains it better than I do so do visit them if you are curious and wish to find out more:   It is quite pricey but seems like a beautiful product and was recommended by a bilingual mum as it creates an awful lot of minority language (ml) exposure opportunities.  It also enables the exposure to be diversified with music, audiobook but also voice messages that ml relatives can send to you to add to your TonieCloud.
  2. music player – more accessible than the Tonies, a music player in your child’s bedroom is your ally! If you missed the post on “Exposure tip – 12 unsuspected benefits of a music player in your child’s bedroom“, have a read to discover all it can do for your bilingual journey!
  3. Wi-Fi speakers – another alternative to the music player is a Wi-Fi speaker which will enable you to broadcast audio content in your young child’s bedroom.  On the way home last night, I came across an advert for these beautiful luminous speakers that could create a delightful atmosphere in a child’s bedroom and expose to the ml…
  4. Magazine subscription – So far, I do not think I have met a child that dislikes having a magazine subscription!  And as a bilingual parent, there are many benefits to offering one in the ml.  If you have not read “10 reasons to subscribe to a minority language magazine” yet, have a quick read to discover them.
  5. Book box sets – Christmas is a magical time and we often like treating our children to presents that might be more impressive than those for their birthday.  If so, why not consider offering a box set of your child’s favourite book series in the ml (Mr. Men, Harry Potter,…)? And depending on the number of books in the box set, this might also save you from forgetting to get extra ml books during the year: your shopping will already be sorted. 🙂
  6. ml prints decorations/posters – This kind of discrete present nevertheless have a great subconscious influence: they bring the ml in your child’ bedroom and also gets them reading and thinking in the ml whenever they lay their eyes  on it. 
  7. Online Audiobooks subscription – Many bilingual parents have mentioned these as a useful tool.  For example using Storytel, BookBeat, or Patephone.  If you have a hungry little reader at home, this might be a gift to consider.
  8. mailing library subscription – As for the previous idea, this could be of interest you have serious little hungry readers at home! Some companies offer postal loan services, for instance KinderBooks in the US, where you pay a monthly fee to access their library catalog to select the books you wish to borrow and receive through the mail.  You might want to Google this idea and see what you can find for your ml 😉
  9. ml cultural gifts – These are invaluable to contribute to develop your child’s dual culture.  If your ml culture has a tradition to offer something specific for the Christmas celebrations, do not miss out on this opportunity.
  10. ml boardgames – this is a fantastic ml tool as it not only comes in the ml but also requires ml use.  It is also a great item to spend time together, create congenial family times and foster family bonding; all this whilst playing having fun and…learning the ml! 
  11. ml toy tablets/computers – Though ml-speaking toys cannot raise a child bilingual, they are a nice support to have around to raise the level of ml exposure and have the child react to the ml instructions.  For sure, my daughters have picked up a lot of expressions from their’s.
  12. ml computer games – this is more likely to be for older children.  As for the previous gift, this idea is a nice support  to have around to raise the level of ml exposure. 

What gift are you planning to get your child this Christmas, that will could be useful to their ml skills? Please share in the Comment section.


  1. We are benefiting from your earlier post on ml magazines. I followed your advice and got the Spanish “Reportero Doc” for our fourth grader, who devours it cover to cover and Loves it. Takes an extra three weeks to make it to our door, but is very happily received. I think I’ll follow up on the board game idea next. Gracias! -Rebecca


      1. 😉 They are an other different but pleasurable experience. My daughter had a Majority Language one (but luckily can be used in our minority languages!) offered to her by a friend for her birthday, it didn’t look like much but it turned out to be a hit with all of us as it guarantees a lot of giggles and fun. 🙂

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