Resources in English: Oxford Owl Books

The Oxford Owl books have been the corner stone to my teaching of reading to my eldest daughter.  

I chose the “Biff, Kipper and Chip series” as I had heard they were the most popular with British schools.  And to be honest, they lived up to my expectations.  My eldest, 5 and a half, at the time, had begun reading on her own thanks to her knowledge of phonics I had taught her (using another great Oxford Owl resource: Read Write Inc: My Reading and Writing Kit) and the blending learnt at school (see Reading – Getting your child started with reading in the ml).  So, without much further thinking, I purchased these books in a haste from, where the first 3 levels are at a super value-for-money price (see their on offer here).

All the books are about the family of 3 siblings which gave their name to the series.  Simple stories, that grow longer as the levels increase, followed by reading comprehension questions and games.  I find the vocabulary level really consistent and flows swiftly from one level to another.  This has not been the case of another series of early reader books I have.

My daughter has taken a real liking to Biff’s character and has tirelessly read over and over these books, as well as the following 3 levels that I also got from at a great price too.

Level 6 book from the Kipper, Chip & Kipper series 

The series goes up as far as level 13 from what I could see, which I have yet to purchase as I have only recently discovered them.  Unfortunately, they do not come in same competitive deals as the ones at The packaged deals come with a parents’ handbook to guide us in supporting the child’s reading and assessing at what point they are ready to move on to the next level.

If you would like to have a glimpse at these books, I suggest you visit By creating an account (free), you can access their free e-books library.  Besides the e-books, the website is definitely worth a visit as it contains a lot of valuable information as to teaching to read but also writing, maths and education, to support your child’s primary school learning.


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