Education tip – 3 little practical tips to incite a resisting early reader to read a book

As part of our minority language (ml) homework routine, I require my 6-year old to read at least 4 pages from a book.  Preferably for and early reader book, but since I let her choose the book so as to motivate her and make it feel less like a burden, we sometimes end up with more challenging texts.

In order to keep her interest and motivate her, I often offer 3 reading options to relieve her from any “reading pressure” and discouragement she could feel:

  1. I offer to do alternate reading: she reads a page, I read the other.
  2. She only reads the short paragraphs and I read the bulkier ones.
  3. I read the narration and she reads the dialogues in the speech-marks.

Whatever the option chosen, I always accompany my own reading with my finger pointing to the text as I read.  I recently noticed my daughter does follow it, which I think can only benefit her as she gets to hear the correct sounding of the more complex words.

Through experience, I have also noticed that offering to read together has really acted as an incentive to get my child to read, as well as to take up challenging texts without apprehension.  It is a parent-child interaction rather than a one-way interaction under parental supervision.  And that makes all the difference as she does not feel judged for mistakes, but feels like she can rely on me for the more challenging bits.

The result is that so far, her homework reading has always been a lot more than the 4 pages set as a target.  We usually end up reading the whole book. 🙂

Do you have little tricks to get your early reader reading?  Please share them in the Comment section for us to learn from you. 🙂

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