ml@h tips: 3 ways to clear your bookshelves of Majority Language text

If you are a ml@home family, you might want to fight off the influence of the Majority Language (ML) on your home by limiting the amount of ML text around your house.

A good place to start with is your bookshelves, as they are bound to contain a lot of ML text. 3 options are available to you that you can pick and mix according to your needs:

  1. Give away all the ML books you no longer wish to keep or are unlikely to read again – if you do not know what to do with them, here are some ideas:
    • Give them to your relatives – Why not organise a book give away and gather all your loved ones? Or share a list of these books among your Facebook friends?
    • Give them to your colleagues – Why not share the book list with colleagues who might be interested?
    • Give them to your local library – You might want to contact your local library as they might welcome new books for free. Another advantage is that if you should ever regret an old book of yours, you’ll be able to go and borrow it from them! ;).
    • Give them to your local school’s library – If you have a lot of ML children’s book, why not contact your local school and check if they would welcome new books for free.
    • Give them to charities – some charities such as Le bouquin volant gather books to promote your ML abroad.
    • Sell them to a second-hand bookshops.
    • Sell them online.
    • Sell them on a second-hand markets – Very popular in France, these might be the opportunity for you to sell your old books if you happen to have such markets too.
  2. Put out of sight the ML books you wish to keep – Either on the highest shelf so the ML text is not at your kids’ eye-level or in a secret place such as a large drawer under your bed that your children might be unaware of.
  3. Display your ML books with their spine back to front – This is in fact a trendy decoration tip to harmonise your bookshelves colour as books tend to come in loads of different conspicuous colours. But this tip also works wonders in ml@home households!

Any other ideas? Please inspire us by sharing them in the Comment section!


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