Bilingual hairstyling

Now, you might wonder at my silly title for this blog entry. What is there of bilingual to hair styling? Well…entertainment!

My 2-year old has developed her elder sister’s (and other little girls’ worldwide!) love for Frozen, and more specifically for Anna and Elsa’s hairdo! Problem? Try French-plating a toddler twice for the Anna hairstyle! It is near impossible, unless they stay still…. Which is as likely as you winning the lottery!
She has been requesting the Anna hairdo for the last 2 weeks, everyday without fail and has pretty much cooperated on a daily basis, staying relatively still (with hindsight, maybe I should have got myself several lottery tickets… 😉 ). However, over time, her patience is growing thin.

This week, in a desperate attempt to keep her from fidgeting and having to start my French plate all over again, I came up with an idea of counting each streak of hair I platted. Inspired by my Make the most of the school run routine, I thought it would entertain her, help her to “measure” time to go till freedom and most importantly to create a counting drill in the minority language.

You might think 2 is a bit early for such exercises but you would be in for a surprise. In my case, I already have a counting drill with my little one as we count each step down a specific set of stairs, everyday on the way home. This has enabled her to pick up counting in English very quickly. Doing it whilst doing her hair only ingrains the numbers a little further.


  • This could also be done with the alphabet.
  • Alternate counting and the alphabet to create a bit of variety in your drill.

Do you have any educative tricks to survive for these tricky situations?  Please share them in the Comment section.

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