Children’s magazine in Spanish – “Popi” by Bayard

Further to my post “Children’s magazine in English – “Story Box” by Bayard“, here is its sister post about the children’s magazine subscription for my 2-year old.

Since Bayard UK did not have any age appropriate magazine for my little one, I subscribed to “Popi” from its Spanish sister company.
Popi features Popi the monkey as its main character, whose latest adventure you can read on the first four pages of the issue. It is a photographic story of a soft-toy monkey in real-life situations, which my little one adores. The magazine includes other items such as:

  • a Little Brown Bear read-along story (some of the words in the text are replaced by a drawing for the child to participate in the reading),
  • a sort of cut-out boardgame centre page,
  • a story about Miguel, a mischievous toddler,
  • a search and find game
  • a comic strip on the back cover.


My little one is crazy about Popi and loves the cut-out and find & search activities. The magazine is short but she never grows tired of having it read times and times over to her.  As with my eldest, my little one gets very excited at receiving her magazine in the mail like a big one. The magazines are not single-use reads. They are printed on nice thick paper to resist to chubby little hands. We stack them on our bookshelf and my little one regularly digs them out for us to read her or even to “read” herself. The advantage of these short stories is that toddlers can relate to them and narrate it in their own words. A nice way to foster the minority language and the taste for reading.


  • If you have 2 children, having 2 separate magazine subscriptions is strongly advisable as otherwise they will probably fight over who opens the envelopes, who does the activities on the last page, etc.
  • If you are unsure as to whether your child will like the magazine or grow out of it quickly, Bayard España also offers to subscribe on a monthly basis with the possibility to cancel at any time. A nice option to make sure you have made the right magazine choice. 🙂

Did you subscribe to a Spanish language magazine your child enjoyed?  Please share your recommendation(s) in the Comment section.

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