“Quiero bailar flamenco” – by Azucena Huidobro and Mario Garcia Arevalo


To build on the flamenco magic I mentioned in my “6 tips about introducing minority language folklore & making it fun!” post, I wanted to purchase a book on the topic. Browsing randomly on internet, I came across what I have now discovered to be an amazing book. There is no other word for it. Azucena Huidobro, former dancer at the Ballet Nacional de España, transmits her passion for her art through this colourful, lively book depicting all the aspects of the dense flamenco world.

This is the story of Sara who is studying flamenco at a dance academy and talks the reader through her passion, how it all began, what flamenco is, what studying this dance involves, and at the end of the book, she gives basic dance, castanets, clapping (palmas) and flamenco rhythm (compás) exercises.

The illustrations are Mario Garcia Arevalo’s work and they are perfect, contemporary and have a cartoon feel. The flaps add dimension to the discoveries made.

As a mum, I have fallen head over heels in love with this book. I have grown with flamenco around me and flamenco is sheer MAGIC to a little girl’s eyes; it is this feeling the book embodies. The use of Spanish language is beautiful and authentic. When we read it, we can feel the quality of the language exposure we are providing to our girls.

Both of my daughters love it as they identify to their Sevillana dresses and the little flamenco I have tried to teach them. They are simply fascinated by Sara’s story, a girl like them, and the magic of all the flamenco items (frilly dresses, fans, castanets, shoes…)

This book is also available in English

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