Teaching to write in the minority language – Tip n°1

Holding a pen can sometimes grow tiresome for children. It is physically demanding for their little hand to hold the pen straight, follow the line and trace the letters. Plus they have to remember how such and such letter is traced…
And on top of that, when you ask your child to spell, you add to these already demanding skills having to think about the sounds in the right order…
Overwhelming for a young child, and even more so after a day of schooling.

To make writing a little more lively and three-dimensional, why not alternate with the use of magnetic letters?
Another great advantage is that using magnetic letters you can do it on a whiteboard, a fridge or simply on the floor or a table. The fact that you do this in a place different from an insipid white sheet of paper will be more likely to arouse your child’s interest. It will remove the physical effort and make it feel more like a game.

Another great advantage of this method is that it makes spelling a lot more visual for the child. I have for instance used it with my eldest to learn sound blending and also to spell Majority Language words school had set for homework to learn to write but that she repeatedly misspelt. In both instances, the results were successful.

– Magnetic letters can be replaced by foam letter tiles, letter stickers, scrabble tiles, blocks, legos on which you will have written letters with a marker…


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