Children’s magazine in English – “Story Box” by Bayard

Last November, I decided to break the bank and get both of my daughters a magazine subscription to a minority language children’s magazine.

For my eldest daughter then 5, I opted for an English magazine called “Story Box”, edited by the UK branch of the French Bayard Press group. It targets children ranging from age 3 to 6.
The magazine is well-designed, with a main story that is different from what you find in picture books, a wildlife article, a blank story (no text, so you can make up your own story), a Samsam comic, a Little Brown Bear story, a The Jolly Family comic and some colouring-in or other activity at the end. To view the content, you can visit their preview page.
Bayard also offers a version with the audio-CD or some of the stories as part of a set of 5 bedtime stories in e-book format.

The magazine has been a hit with my eldest who loves her Story Box! I think that she really enjoys receiving that magazine just for her, with her name, in our mailbox. It feels very personal. This blog post is actually based on our positive experience with our magazines (for my youngest I went for “Popi”, a Spanish magazine from the same press group. This will have to be the object of separate review. 🙂 ).

StoryBoxCustomer service was really good too.  One of my issues got lost on the way and they quickly shipped me a new one free of charge when I contacted them.  So pretty pleased with it all the way round.

Our subscriptions are coming to an end soon, and I am planning to renew, even if it is a budget.


  • If you have 2 children, having 2 separate magazine subscriptions is strongly advisable as otherwise they will probably fight over who opens the envelopes, who does the activities on the last page, etc.
  • If you are unsure as to whether your child will like the magazine or grow out of it quickly, Bayard also offers 6 months subscriptions.  And if it turns out they love their magazines, nothing stops you from renewing at the end of the 6 months (and it allows you to spread the expenses over time).

Did you subscribe to an English language magazine your child enjoyed?  Please share your recommendation(s) in the Comment section.

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