ml@h tips – extend your minority language haven to your car!

In bilingual education, every little helps. There is no useless tiny action.
For instance, if you follow the ml@home strategy, you can extend this Majority Language (ML) free environment to your car. And if you are an OPOL parent, you can still do the same when driving alone with your little bilingual. 😉

The car is too often neglected, yet its bubble-like atmosphere is well predisposed to creating a ml haven.
Here are 7 ideas for you to explore to extend the minority language (ml) exposure to your car:

  1. Simply turning off the ML radio -favour ml conversations with your child or entertain them through games.  Visit “18 Ways to Get Bilingual Kids Using the Minority Language More in Your Car” by Bilingual Monkeys for great ideas.
  2. ml nursery rhymes CD
  3. ml music to get your child familiar with your ml culture
  4. ml podcasts
  5. ml audiobooks
  6. online ml radio
  7. ml cartoons – for long trips and provided your child is lucky enough to be one of those that do not feel sick in the car.

From a practical point of view, here are ideas of tools that can be used to put these ideas into practice:

  • CDs
  • MP3 player
  • Spotify
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet

Tip: For a truly ml car environment, also think of switching your sat nav’s language to the ml! 😉

Do you also extend the ml to your vehicle? Do you have any ideas to share? Please leave your suggestion in the Comment section.



  1. The car is a great location to continue the minority language tradtion. I feel fortunate that our child requests the ml radio station. Love the ideas on Bilingual Monkeys for games like “Parrot” and “Secret Word”. Thanks for the tips.

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