Tips for Parent – Visit the minority language country when your child is 2.

Just before the summer, a bilingual mum told me that her daughter’s minority language (ml) had drastically expanded when visiting their minority language country when her child was aged 2. She explained that 2 is a critical age in terms of language development, and that she was convinced this trip had been critically important in her child’s language development at that key age.

Having heard this, I looked forward to our holiday in Spain this summer since our little one is 2 and had already shown significant language developments before the holidays.
Well, I am happy to report that the 3 weeks my little one spent in our ml country have indeed enabled her ml to skyrocket. Before the summer, she made short sentences and showed a clear preference for English (the ml she speaks with me) to Spanish (which she speaks with her dad). Her Spanish bloomed and she now makes long sentences which regularly leave us speechless. This confidence in one language has benefited all the others. And her newly acquired skill of long sentences has passed on to her other 2 languages.

I recently heard from this bilingual mum who had given me this tip. This summer she travelled again to her ml country, this time with her 2-year-old son along with her daughter. Again she happily reports the trip had been very beneficial in strengthening her 2-year old’s ml. Given these results, I felt this was a worthy tip to share. 🙂

Have you any similar tip you would like to share? Please use the Comment section and let us know about it!

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