Captive Reading Ideas: Jokes

As a bilingual mum rightly pointed out to me, jokes are an excellent resources to expose children to a language and it subtleties. For instance, through their use of puns, children discover the 2 or more meanings a word may have.

Hence, jokes are ideal for captive reading, and even more fun if done on a whiteboard as the child is provided with the opportunity to write their guess (or just go and tell you directly, if they do not know how to write yet).

My eldest daughter is still a bit young (6 at the time of writing this post) to get jokes, especially on her own, but I have good hope that with her starting primary school this September she will become familiar with them in the playground, paving the way to the use of minority language jokes on our captive reading whiteboard. 🙂

Where to get ideas:

  • Internet – the web provides ample kids’ jokes websites.
  • Books – Some joke books could be an easy-at-hand resource to have home.
  • Create your own – if you are feeling creative.

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