Helping your toddler build sentences

Do you have a toddler at the stage of building sentences? Is s/he in a “parrot” phase, repeating everything s/he is told? If so, you might be interested in hearing an interesting liking my 2-year-old little parrot has, which I suspect helps her developing her sentence construction skills.

Six months ago, I purchased some early reader books for her eldest sister (Oxford Owl’s Chip, Biff & Kipper series). Over time, my little one has developed an interest in these books. She probably started out to copy her big sister, whom I ask to read a little every day. However, I now can tell how much my youngest enjoys being read the story. The story is simple enough for her to understand and relate to it, short enough not to get bored, and the sentences just long enough for her to repeat. Ideal when in a parroting phase. 😉

Hence, you might want to consider looking into early ready books sooner than expected… 🙂

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