Captive Reading Ideas – Nursery Rhymes

As part of learning to read, children are taught rhymes. They usually are quite receptive to these playful sounds that are often found in classic nursery rhymes, such as “Hey Diddle Diddle”. Children can appreciate rhymes and poetry, as I recently discovered with our well-named “Poetry Speaks to Children” book.

Whilst browsing the net for ideas of captive reading texts, I came across the The Kindergarten Connection website. Its blogger gave a few examples of simple rhymes for early readers to help them comprehend certain sounds. I found the examples really adapted to my daughter’s reading level and fun so likely to grab her interest. Hence I typed up the examples in a document as seen below, with a simple illustration to tickle her interest.

They were a big hit with her. She took to them straight away like duck to water.

Captive Reading Ideas - Rhymes
Text from The Kindergarden Connection

Where to get ideas from?

  1. Educational websites such as The Kindergarten Connection
  2. Nursery rhymes
  3. Inventing your own

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