Closed for the summer break!

Summer is here, my eldest is already in Spain and it is time for us parents and little sister to join her for a well-earned break! 🙂

Though you might not have noticed it, I have worked extra hard to prepare as many posts as possible and schedule their automatic publications for when I will be away. You will notice that over the next few days I will be going down to 1 post every 2 days as it is not possible for me to keep up the same pace as I did since the launch of the blog, on top of my family, kid’s bilingual education and job! 😉 However, I hope that over time this will also allow me to produce more quality posts, as bilingual education does require a lot of stepping back and reflecting.

The automatic scheduling option of my publications does not enable to include links of other automatically scheduled publications; hence I apologise in advance if some posts include references to some other posts without the link. As I will have a rather limited Internet access from my beautiful, remote, little Spanish village, this will be my homework when returning. 🙂
Please do not refrain from sharing your tips and ideas in the comments section. I will discover your comments on my return in 3 weeks’ time and will reply then.

In the mean time, I wish you all a wonderful summer, full of happy times and minority language opportunities! 😀

summer abstract swimming pool
Photo by Juan Salamanca on


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