“My Very First Castles Book” – by Abigail Wheatley, Lee Cosgrove and Alice Reese

An amazing detailed book about all aspects of castles; from its construction to the people living in them, their occupations, hobbies and their typical day.

The illustrations are lively, modern and detailed, with friendly characters. The language used is simple, for independent readers. It explains a lot of details yet you can still skip them if you want to, and move on still understanding the rest of the facts.

My eldest felt very curious about this book as it was about a topic on her Majority Language (ML) school curriculum. In fact, I purchased it as part of my building on the ML schooling. And I could tell it surprised her but also interested her.
The little one is obviously too young for this book, but she enjoys the illustrations and benefits from the unusual vocabulary for her young age.
As a mum, I like the very entertaining and playful way in which such extensive information is presented to children. This kind of book can be a knowledgeable resource for the coming years and valuable to have in our bookshelf.

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