Games Ideas : Simon Says

About a month ago, I discovered all over again one of my childhood games: “Simon says”. We recently played it at my 6-year old’s birthday party and it was a hit too.
Looking at it today from my bilingual mum’s perspective, I appreciate all its language-related value; creating the need to understand and to speak.

Age: 4+

Skills: Listening comprehension, oral skills, rapidity.

Number of players: 2+ (the more the merrier!)

Game play:

  • 1 player is “Simon” and instructs the other player(s) to perform specific actions.
  • The other player(s) must carry them out provided the order issued was formulated with “Simon says…” at the beginning. For example, “Simon says touch your nose”.
  • Players lose if they perform actions formulated without “Simon says” at the beginning.
  • The winner is the last player who stands, and who in turn becomes the next “Simon”.

My eldest daughter loved giving orders, preferably silly ones! 😉 It gave her serious fits of giggles!
My little one joined in though she is still a bit young to understand everything, but I could tell from the sparkles in her eyes it amused her to participate.
Great quality family time ahead!


  1. The sillier the actions the better! Kids learn best having fun, and they will want to learn their minority language if the learning is entertaining.
  2. Make the most of it with your younger ones to revise some concepts such as the body parts (“touch your nose”, “point to your belly”,…) or colours (“bring something blue”…)

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