Captive Reading Ideas – Talk about their day

Children usually enjoy finding out about their day. So I regularly use colourful chalk-markers to leave messages on our bathroom mirror about the day’s upcoming event or countdown to something my eldest daughter looks forward to, such as her birthday party or the end of school term. I add a little illustration to make it look even more fun. 🙂

Captive Reading Ideas - Talk about their day

If your child takes to it, you can even leave a question about their day. The first time I did so, I enquired as to whether my daughter had enjoyed her swimming lesson. As soon as she read the message as she went to brush her teeth to go to bed, she came running to me to hug me and reply. A sweet moment, and also a different way to get them talking about their day, since more often than not kids refuse to talk about it when asked at pick-up time. 😉

Where to get ideas from:

  1. Their school timetable
  2. Their activities
  3. Family events or outings

Tip: Messages do not have to be on a daily basis.  Some children might never grow tired of them, others enjoy them more when they are not part of a routine but come as a surprise.  Adapt to your child’s personality.


  1. Tip from a friend of mine reacting to my post on Facebook: “We do this on the tiles with bath crayons! Our son loves it and it’s been fantastic in encouraging him to read and write! Best thing ever! When he started learning to write he would have nothing to do with paper/pens etc. These and chalks were the only way he’d do anything.”


  2. Great idea! Reminds me of the notes that primary teachers make for the class in the early reading years, good pedagogy. Sounds like something my child would like. A family calendar in the target language might work too for older kids : ) My version has been to leave notes for our child in the target language, Spanish in our case, when our child wakes up later than I do on the weekends. I say where I am in the house and what we have planned for the day. At first the note was mostly drawings with a few sight words, and now its mostly words with a few drawings. Our child has kept all the notes as treasures. : )

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