“Here we are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth” by Oliver Jeffers

A smart guide about our planet written by a dad -the author- for his son. “Here we are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth” gave me the goose bumps. It is what I wish I could have explained to my children: how the world works, and the importance of being kind.

Beautiful and colourful illustrations with Oliver Jeffers’s unmistakable style, with simple text that does it all. It feels as though Jeffers has captured all the physical aspects of our world and tagged them with little labels for our children to be able to understand what these things are. The hardback cover simply makes this book a keepsake to treasure for years.

My eldest daughter looked at it with a look of wonder. I think she needs to mature a little to appreciate it to its right value. She definitely enjoyed the beauty of the illustrations, their colours and appreciated recognising things she knew about and even finding out more about them.
As a mum, I fell head over heels in love with this picturebook! Its illustrations are just stunning and the little descriptions on each of them are delightful.  The strong message of kindness is simply the perfect finishing touch.

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This book is available from Amazon and BookDepository



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