Games Ideas: Time’s Up! Kids

This game was recommended by fellow bilingual mum Kikirime on her blog and I heartily thank her! It is great fun and it is really nice to play it in a collaborative way.

Skills used: Observation, description, deduction, memory.

Players: 2-12

Age: 4 and over.

– stack of 220 illustrated card (no text)
– a timer

Game play:
The game is a collaborative game (no teams, everyone plays together) played in 2 rounds:

  • Round 1- Player picks 20 cards at random from the stack. Within the timer’s time-span, s/he will have to make other players guess as many cards as possible by describing the illustration.
  • Round 2 – With the same set of 20 cards, players have to mime the words instead of describing them.

Everybody wins if the 20 cards are guessed right.

We like this game because it gives a nice kick to play together against the timer, its fosters bonding, makes the child think by making him/her describe/guess. As a bilingual mum, it is definitely my favourite game as its fun and gets the kids chatting in the minority language. Cherry on the cake: no arguing about who won the game!

N.B: Given this game has no text on the cards, it can be played in any language you want!

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